Local Children’s Book Authors Donate to Youth Mental Health Initiative

Local children’s book authors Steve Sombrero and his daughter Candice Sombrero Ishikawa will make a substantial donation to the Moore Aloha Foundation on Wednesday, according to a foundation press release.

The donation comes from proceeds of the duo’s recently released book, “What Day Are You?” which reached #1 on Amazon’s new release lists for paperback and audiobook. The book aims to support youth mental health awareness.

The book synopsis on Amazon reads:

An exuberant tale sharing a simple equation for living life in the moment.

Join MoCo, a sea turtle from Laniakea Beach on the world-famous North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Artistically designed for middle schoolers, with a mindful story that inspires readers of any generation.

At Turtle Beach, MoCo revels in a carefree life until encountering Uku, a notoriously grumpy mud crab. Curiosity sparked, MoCo is determined to unravel the crab’s angst. Seeking guidance from wise hermit crab JiJi, MoCo learns a remarkable equation for embracing life fully.

Olympic gold medalist Carissa Moore founded the Moore Aloha Foundation to empower young women through surfing, mental health education and mentorship.

The donation will be presented during the foundation’s year-end surf camp event at Kupu’s Ho’okupu Center in Kewalo Basin. The event will host young women, including students visiting from Japan, for surfing and discussions on mental wellness.

In the release, co-author Steve Sombrero said the collaboration “will have a positive impact on many young lives” by providing “hope and courage.”

Proceeds from the book will help fund the foundation’s monthly essay scholarships, internships and future mentor programs.

The donation presentation will take place Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Ho’okupu Center.


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